Secretary’s Message

From team MOA(2017-18)

Respected teachers, seniors and my dear friends, warm personal greetings from MOA office. At the outset I am thankful to you for electing me to most coveted post of our association. I will be working as “Hon. Secretary cum treasurer of our beloved association from April 2017 –march2020. I will be working as trustee of our association and will try to implement all the decisions taken by our team efficiently and effectively. We will work as team and all the decisions will be taken collectively and in democratic way by taking all team in to confidence. We  will continue the legacy of work done by our previous PRESIDENT, SECRETARY and team MOA with same zeal and enthusiasm. I will try to be as transparent as possible during my tenure. Association’s interest will be my first priority. Our motto will be to have member friendly atmosphere in our association and anybody can approach our office and me any time for the betterment of our association. Our president Dr. Kanaujia and whole team has many innovative ideas and plans for our association. We will try to implement these to take our association to better and better heights.


ONEMOA app has been designed and will be working from this year. Its multi tasking app with many features like auto update of information by members, online elections etc.

Membership drive will be our important task and “EACH ONE, MAKE ONE” will be our appeal so that we can reach 3000+ up to 2020.

Faculty orientation program will be our new concept and we will take such programs at every regional level to promote faculties at periphery to join main faculty pool.

Decentralization of academics and power to periphery will be done by taking activities in each and every region of Maharashtra

Our website which is our mirror will be made proactive and many new concepts like patient education booklets, case discussions etc will be started soon. Dr. Ashish Ranade, Dr. sanjay Dhurjad and Pratik Ghela will look after website efficiently.

Our annual conference(MOACON 2017) will be at Mahabaleshwar from 3rd to 5th nov 2017, I appeal all of you to kindly register in large numbers to make this event memorable.

I appeal all regions to come forward and take regional conferences in their regions and promote local talent in such conferences. All type of help will be provided to you from MOA office in this regard

Meet the master of this year is given to Ahmadnagar orthopedic association and will be conducted in Jan last week or Feb first week 2018.Our vice president Dr. Satish Supekar is incharge of this activity.

Recently our president and myself attended CSRC(CENTRE STATE RELATIONSHIP COMMITTEE) meeting at NEW DELHI. Dr, Ram Prabhoo from our state is now IOA president and has many expectations from our team for implementation of various policies and programs .we will be supporting IOA in this regard wholeheartedly

Pune knee course was an International event at Pune with 1000+ delegates and many international and national faculties.Dr. sachin tapasvi has taken lot of efforts for PKC . He needs big applaud for this. Maharashtra orthopedic association is proudly associated with this and other courses like PAC PUNE, SHOULDER CONCLAVE, HAND SYMPOSIUM and many more

We have decided to upload photos and duration of all our past presidents and secretaries on our website as mark to work done by them for our association. It will be done by our webmaster Dr. Ashish Ranade and Dr. Sanjay Dhurjad very soon

We have decided to form past presidents club in which all our past presidents of MOA as well as IOA presidents from Maharashtra will be their. We are planning to meet them every year at MOACON and have informal meet to share knowledge and experience from them for betterment of our association

First Regional Conference of this year will be at Hotel Anvita, BEED on 4th JUNE 2017. Members are requested to register for this event. Dr. Pramod Shinde 9370018484 is organizing secretary.

Lastly I would like to assure you all that we as team MOA will not leave any stone unturned and will try our best to make Maharashtra orthopedic association number one in Nation and will work for betterment of our association, our members 24*7


Your’s in service of MOA






& TEAM MOA(2017-18)