Research Funds

Dear Member,

Greetings from MOA office.

As you all are aware, for last 2 years MOA is doing various innovative activities for its members.
To encourage our members, to create culture and awareness, about academic activities&research, MOA would like to give following financial assistance for the year April2013- March2014, to its members who have completed one year of membership on 31 March 2013(Members who’s membership ratification was done during or before 2011 GBM)

1-member completing fellowship of MOA,during March13-April14, Rs.20,000/- per member, maximum first five members .Fellowship committee will decide about fellowships selection and funding.Budget for this activity for this year is Rs.100,000/-

2-MOA shall fund for research projects , Rs 25000/- per project.If a member is doing two projects he will be given 50,000/-year. Not more than two projects per member will be funded,unless there are no other applications and exe gives sanction for further funding from the same researcher considering the topic, usefulness etc .EXE. committee +Web Master+Editor JMOA+ Peer review board will decide about funding for research. Budget for this activity for this year is Rs.100,000/-

3-MOA shall fund for surgical skills development workshops arranged by affiliated districts,preferably at periphery. Rs. 30000 per workshop will be given to the affiliated district,first three districts,who will apply in year 2013-14. Budget for this activity for this year is Rs.90,000/-

4- Prize for innovative technique/s developed by member/s, useful in day to day practice.Rs.10,000 per member three in a year. The selection will be done by exe committee and there will be separate session for mandatory presentation of the technique/s,during MOACON -2013/14. Budget for this activity for this year is Rs.30,000/-

Exe committee will decide about funding for surgical skills workshops and innovative techniques.

A feed back /activity report needs to be submitted any time before 31st March or after completing the activity. The exe committee after confirming the details will sanction the disbursement of the amount.If no feed back/activity report is submitted,no disbursement will be done.

If a sanctioned amount is fully utilized during one year, no further project will be funded in that year and if any one applies after that he shall be given priority next year.If there is pooling of funds from previous year/s and if genuinely selection committee thinks that a particular researcher can be given additional money- he can be funded with extra money,only after his application for the same.

Every year during month of April Exe MOA shall decide the stipulated amount for that year for this activity,after assessing the financial position on 31 March,previous year.It is not at all compulsory for MOA to fund this project every year and funding will depend upon availability of adequate funds.

A person doing his study must mention in his application probable duration of study. Once the period is over MOA will not fund the project even if it continues, how ever if the funds are available MOA exe can consider further funding after discussion in exe meeting in April that year and official request from the researcher.However new proposal will be given priority for funding,every year.

Selection of research project will be done online by secrete ballot only. Exe committee along with peer review board/web master/editor JMOA and few senior members will be included in voting panel.They will not be knowing the names of the person doing the research.Only title of the research,duration,aims objectives will be informed. Web Master and Secretary will carry out the voting and results will be displayed to all, involved in voting, giving details, but observing the secrecy of names.

MOA keeps the right to stop giving funds, without giving reasons.

The person doing research must mention that the MOA has partly/fully funded his project,what ever and whenever is applicable.And should give permission to publish the research in MOA Journal,before hand.

For this activity related issues the decisions of exe committee will be final. MOU mentioning all above rules/regulations and guidelines will be signed between researcher and MOA -President/Secretary.

Following information needs to be sent to the Secretary MOA to apply for research grant,on letter head.
Name of the researcher-(Chief researcher has to be MOA member )

Title of the research-project report to be submitted. nature of study, duration of study ,, aims and objectives,,names and tittles of researchers ,, amount of funding required ,,justification of funding ,, ethics committee approval ,,

For fellowships application provided with Secretary’s report needs to be filled.
A separate application should be sent on letter head (individual or district chapter)to apply for Innovative technique/surgical skill workshop,respectively.