The name of the association shall be ‘MAHARASHTRA ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATION’.


The office of the association shall be situated in the state of Maharashtra at the address of the Secretary cum reasurer.


  1. To hold the scientific meetings, Conferences, discussion, and disseminate and further the art and science of orthopaedics.
  2. To establish and maintain MOA website relating to orthopaedics.
  3. To watch and to advise on legislation affecting orthopaedic surgery and allied subjects.
  4. To establish contact with other societies or associations and exchange scientific information and collaborate with them in progress of common interest.
  5. To receive donations and subscriptions and to hold the funds in trust for any particular purpose for the advancement of orthopaedic surgery and also for social and charitable purposes.
  6. To initiate any other programme which may be decided on from time to time by the association for the advancement of orthopaedic surgery and for public at large.
  7. To organize various seminars on Orthopaedics for the General Public in Maharashtra.
  8. To donate reasonable funds for the purpose of education, culture and activities.
  9. To donate reasonable amount for the needy persons in society, who are victims of natural calamity such as flood, earthquake etc.


The association shall be a non profit making organisation. The surplus, if any, of the association shall be utilised for the furtherance of all or any of the objects hereinabove mentioned and will not be distributed among the members.


The management of the association shall be entrusted to the elected executive committee as provided in the rules and regulations.

a) Executive committee will comprise of

  1. President
  2. Vice president
  3. President Elect
  4. Honorary Secretary
  5. Immediate Past President
  6. Editor of JMOA and NINE Executive members and Past Secretory (for one year).

Regional representatives will be invited for the EC Meetings for participating in the discussions however they will have no voting rights and shall not be referred as executive members.( see clause)


The benefits of the association shall be open and available to all members fulfilling the criteria of membership as laid down in clause 3 of rules and regulations of this association and shall not be limited or restricted to any particular Class, Cast, Community, or creed of people.


1. Definitions & Reference Words:

  1. Association: means an establishment formed by authority of individuals for promotion of same object especially one of public or general utility, charitable education, etc. HERE The Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association
  2. Meeting: means Assembly or coming together of the members due to prior notice for discussion or taking decisions on subject matters of Association.
  3. Orthopaedics: Means branch of Medicine dealing with the correction of diseased, deformed or injured bones or muscles.
  4. Constitution means the Memorandum of the association and The Rules and Regulations including annexure and schedules if any annexed to Rules and Regulations.
  5. Words imparting Masculine gender and singular number shall respectively include feminine gender and pleural number and vice versa.
  6. Member: means the person admitted to the association as per eligibility criteria and has become part of the Association.
  7. Seminar: means and includes small arranged discussions or short intensive course of study.
  8. Conference: Means series of meetings for scientific discussions or consultations.
  9. YEAR: Means the financial year of the association commencing from the first day of April and ending on the last day of the March of succeeding year both days inclusive.
  10. OFFICE BEARERS shall mean the members of the executive committee.
  11. OFFICE: Office of the association will be the address of the honorary secretary cum treasurer.

2. Area of Operation: Limited to India.

3. Membership:

  1. The Association shall consist of members whose names are on the Full Workshop Program of Members of the Association at the time when these Rules and Regulations come into operation and of subsequent members who being eligible shall be duly admitted in such manner and on such conditions as may be prescribed from time to time in the Articles of Association.
  2. There shall be Full Workshop Program of Member in which the names of all members of the Association shall be entered with their qualification and addresses and photographs be kept in such a manner as laid down by the Executive Committee.
  3. Any person possessing Allopathic Orthopaedic qualification recognized by MCI OR the state medical council is eligible for the membership of the Association.
  4. A member should pay Rs 3000/- being life membership fees or such subscription fixed by the Association in the General Meeting of the members from time to time.
  5. The General Body has right to decide the amount of subscription fee from time to time, to be paid by members.
  6. Membership shall be conferred after prior application to and approval by the executive committee and subsequent ratification by the Annual General Body.

4. Kinds of Membership:

  1. Ordinary Membership: Ordinary membership shall be restricted to those in practice of Orthopaedics or its super-specialty. Application for ordinary membership shall be proposed and seconded by ordinary members only. The application will be screened by the Executive Committee and the authority to admit new ordinary members will be the Executive Committee.
  2. Honorary Membership: Honorary membership may be conferred upon outstanding individuals who have taken deep interest and have promoted and contributed the growth and dissemination of the knowledge of Orthopaedics. However except authorized or approved by the Executive Committee, such Honorary member will not have any right as of Ordinary Member, such as right to attend the Annual General Meeting or a right to vote or to contest the Election of Executive Committee etc.

5. Rights of the Members:

  1. A member shall be entitled to all privileges of the membership of the Association.
  2. A Member shall have right to attend all the meetings and conferences and discussions conducted by the Association (on payment of additional fees fixed if any.)
  3. A member has got right to attend Annual General Meeting or such other General Meetings of the Association. Further he has right to vote, discuss functions of the Association, Annual Accounts, Balance Sheet and future policy and planning of the Association, provided he has paid subscription dues, to the Association if any.
  4. Member has the right to contest the elections to the E.C. of Association as per the procedure laid down in clause (11).
  1. Resignation by the Member:
  2. If the member is convicted of any offence of moral turpitude or any criminal offence.
  3. Removal on account of misbehavior, misconduct by passing a suitable resolution in the General Body Meeting of the members by simple majority.
  4. A member of the executive committee holding post of an Office bearer who remains absent for two consecutive meetings of the committee without prior intimation to President and/or secretary shall cease to be a member of the Executive Committee.
  5. On account of death of member.

7. Disciplinary Action:

  1. Disciplinary action including termination/ removal as member of MOA may be taken against any member found in any act prejudicial to the aims and objects of the association and found unsatisfactory in General Body Meeting, only. Executive Committee, on giving opportunity of personal hearing in the meeting called for the purpose, may pass an appropriate resolution for such removal, which will be confirmed in GBM by simple majority. However before passing such Resolution the concerned member will be served with the show cause notice of 15 days by Full Workshop Programed Post, calling upon him to explain about the charges/ acts leading to removal/ termination. On receipt of any such reply or if no reply is received within 15 days from receipt of notice from the concerned member, an appropriate resolution of Termination/Removal will be passed. The concerned member shall cease to be a member from the date of passing of such Resolution. Any member aggrieved by such termination/removal can make appeal to Arbitrator/s, appointed by the Executive Committee, with his/her consultation. After filing an appeal either online or personally to the Arbitrator/s, the Arbitrator/s shall decide the matter within 7 days thereof, by giving notice by electronic mode/Surface mail to such member and the Executive Committee, and decision of the Arbitrator shall be final.

8. Re-Admission of Member:

  1. As per provision of Article 4 stated above after paying the dues if any.
  2. Members removed under Clause 6 (b) cannot be readmitted to the Membership of Association. However this will not apply to member/s that is removed except under clause 6(b) subject to recommendation by General Body.

9. Accounting Year

  1. The Financial year of the Association for the accounting purpose shall start from 1st April of every year and shall end on 31st March of the following year.

10. Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall be a continuous body and will consist of 15 members, constituted as follows:

  1. President
  2. President Elect
  3. Vice President
  4. Past President
  5. Honorary Secretary cum Treasurer
  6. Past Secretary (for one year, immediately after completing his tenure as Secretary)
  7. Nine Executive Members

All executive committee members shall work on honorary basis but will be entitled for travelling charges and accommodation charges as would be agreed by the Executive Committee.

11. Election Procedure :

  1. a) Election officer: An immediate past President who is not a member of the Executive Committee will be the Election Officer.
  2. b) Election officer will declare the election and send the notice to all members who are the voters, on the basis of members list as on date submitted by Secretary as also stating the posts to be filled in with eligibility criteria for each declared post as mentioned in Constitution. The Voters list would be displayed at registered Office and on Web site of the Association. Election Officer shall form an election subcommittee including him and two E C members, who are not contesting elections, to carry out election process.
  3. c) Election Process:
  4. I) Nomination:
  5. 1) The Election Officer shall invite nominations through a Letter for the various posts for which elections are to be held in a prescribed form to be sent with secretary report.
  6. 2) Nominations shall be received on or before six weeks before election or on or before any exact date declared by the Election officer, after which all the nomination forms shall be scrutinized by the Election Officer.
  7. 3) Last date for withdrawal of application shall be on or before four weeks before election or on or before any exact date declared by the Election officer
  8. 4) Members who desire to contest the elections of executive committee should submit their application duly signed by the proposer and seconded from the members of the association to the election officer.
  9. 5) Election Officer will open the envelopes containing application forms, at 5 pm on last date of application receipt declared in Election programme, in front of candidate/s or his/her authorized representative,(optional to candidate).
  10. 6) He will validate or invalidate the forms after due scrutiny, on the same day and will reject forms which are incomplete, improperly filled or states any wrong information on the part of the candidate. Election Officer as far as possible will clear all doubts and grievances about the form on the same day.
  11. 7) Election Officer will prepare tentative list of candidates and inform the same to MOA office-Secretary and to candidates. Then Election officer will confirm eligibility of the candidates regarding any unpaid dues, validity of membership issues for any reason, reported known criminal cases against candidate. After due scrutiny and satisfying himself about the eligibility of the Candidate, he will prepare final list of candidates and inform the same to MOA office, Executive committee and to candidates. The Election Officer will also publish the list of candidates on web site on 10th day from last date of acceptance of applications.
  12. Any member aggrieved by rejection of nomination shall prefer an appeal to the Arbitrator within 4 days from the date of rejection. An appeal can be filed online or personally to the Arbitrator, which shall be decided by him within 7 days thereof, by giving notice by electronic mode/Post to the candidate or Election Officer, against whom appeal is filed and decision of the Arbitrator shall be final, The name of Arbitrator will be decided by exe committee in consultation with the concerned member/s,
  13. 8) If no or less number of applications are received than the number of vacancies to executive committee then the applications will be invited in A.G.M. If applications received are more than the number of vacancies then the elections will be carried out. 9) A member should fulfill the eligibility criteria at the time he applies for any post of Executive committee. 10) A member shall not contest more than one post.
  14. II) Date of Election:
  15. 1) The Election Officer shall fix a date and time to hold elections. The Elections shall be held on the same date and time in Annual Conference.
  16. III) Ballot:
  17. 1) Elections held shall be by Secret Ballot in Annual Conference. Election for first 2 years that is 2012/2013 will be online plus onsite, after that it will be online only. In case the online voting is not possible, for that year only, postal ballot voting will be arranged so as to accommodate all the members.
  18. 2) Members present in Annual Conference shall vote in person, after verifying photo identity. Members who are not present in Annual Conference can Vote by way of electronic mode in a time frame declared in election programme.
  19. 3) After all votes have been recorded, the Election Officer shall proceed further to scrutinize and count the votes in presence of candidate or its representative, and prepare the result, which shall be notified and declared by him to members in AGM at conference venue.
  20. IV) Appointment of Editor of JMOA and Web Master:
  21. For appointment of Editor of JMOA and The Web master applications will be invited from the members, No election will be conducted for these posts. Executive Committee will nominate candidates for these two posts. Two Executive Committee members will be given charge of Journal and Web site respectively; they will work in association with nominated Editor of JMOA and Web Master and will represent them in Executive Committee. If needed, both, Editor of JMOA and Web Master can be invited to Executive Committee meeting and will be given remuneration for that meeting.
  22. V) Sufficiency of Notice:
  23. All notices, notifications and other communications by the Election Officer for information of members shall be held proper and sufficient if the same are displayed on the notice board or published on Web site of the Association.

12. Tenure of the office bearers

  1. a) President— Shall hold the office for one year.
  2. b) President Elect—Shall hold the office for one year and become President for next year.
  3. c) Vice President— shall hold the office for one year
  4. d) Past President: Shall hold the office for one year consecutive to his tenure as President.
  5. e) Past Secretary—- shall hold the office for one year consecutive to his tenure as Secretary. And will remain as Ex-officio member of the Executive Committee for an additional one year without any voting rights.
  6. f) Honorary Secretary / Treasurer—shall hold the office for three years.
  7. g) Nine Members —each will hold the office for three years and three members will retire every year and three new members will be elected in their place.
  8. Nobody shall hold two posts at same time. Nobody shall hold the same post for more than two consecutive terms.

13. Eligibility Criteria

  1. a) President/ President Elect
  2. He should be life member of the association for at least 10 consecutive years. He should not have any objectionable matter pending against him before any Competent Court, Authority and or Medical Council of India and State Medical Council as decided by EC. He should have completed one term as EC member of MOA at the time of applying for the post, and / or at the time of assuming the office.
  3. b) Vice President
  4. He should be life member of the association for at least 10 consecutive years. He should not have any objectionable matter pending against him before any Competent Court, Authority and or Medical Council of India and State Medical Council as decided by EC. He should have completed one term as EC member of MOA at the time of applying for the post, and / or at the time of assuming the office.
  5. c) Honorary Secretary / Treasurer
  6. He should be life member of the association for at least 10 consecutive years. He should not have any objectionable matter pending against him before any Competent Court, Authority and or Medical Council of India and State Medical Council as decided by EC. He should have completed one term as EC member of MOA at the time of applying for the post, and / or at the time of assuming the office.
  7. d) Executive council Members He should be life member of the association for at least 05 consecutive years. He should not have any objectionable matter pending against him as decided by EC.
  8. If an elected person resigns from his post without any justifiable cause, explained to Executive Committee and accepted by Executive Committee, will not be eligible to contest any post for next 5 years from such resignation.

14. Powers and Functions of Executive Council:

The Executive Committee shall be the Executive Authority in administration and as such shall have the power to carry into effect the policy and programme of the Association, as also in implementation of the GB and EC Resolution passed from time to time.

  1. a) To regulate and issue instructions for the proper working of the Association and for maintenance and administration of the Association, building, library and properties of the organization.
  2. b) To appoint committee, sub-committees as and when necessary.
  3. c) To appoint and remove salaried officers and servants of the Association.
  4. d) To represent any matter to safeguard the interest of the Association or the medical profession before Government or other public bodies or any properly constituted authority.
  5. e) To consider application for new membership.
  6. f) To decide and approve day to day management, expenses, capital expenditure during the course of the activities of the Association.
  7. g) To co-opt members to the Executive Committee in case of casual vacancy caused as per clause No. 29.
  8. h) To appoint an Arbitrator/s as and when required for any specific issue with consultation of the aggrieved member/s. The arbitrator/s could be any senior from MOA member/s, Past president/s, or any expert/s, of law, from outside association or any other learned person/s ,expert/s in the field as per the need and will be nominated by executive committee. The decision of arbitrator will be final.
  9. i) Executive Committee can appoint one member for duration of three year, from members of the Association without any election or nomination, who will assist the Executive Committee for its day to day affairs. However such member will not have any voting right in Executive committee. It is expected that such person co opted should have best degree of professional skills, academic excellence and qualities and willingness for the betterment of association. Such appointment of a member can not be challenged by any member in any court of law.
  10. President, Secretary and all office bearers of MOA including Org sec/Org President of Conference should discharge their duties according to constitution and guidelines laid down from time to time. If they fail to do so, the Executive Committee can appoint an Enquiry Committee consisting of 2 members, who are experts and senior members of Association. Such Enquiry Committee will do enquiry about the issue and give its report to the Executive committee within 10 days. After receiving Enquiry committee’s report the Executive Committee will decide to take action of either termination of post or termination of membership of association or otherwise against such President, Secretary and/or any Office bearers of MOA including Org sec/Org President of Conference in its GBM by 2/3 majority after giving opportunity to such office bearer to submit in writing as also orally in the said meeting. The decision of GB will be final and will come into effect on passing of said resolution.

15. Meetings:

  1. a) Executive Committee shall ordinarily meet once in every 3 months and also before the General Body Meeting and if required, after the General Body Meeting.
  2. b) Newly elected Executive body members are to be invited for the last executive committee meeting every year and should be administrated the oath of office & secrecy.
  3. c) The executive committee may invite a member or a non member expert for deliberation on a specific issue but the invitee shall have no voting right.

16. Duties of the Office Bearers of the Executive Committee:

  1. A) President:
  2. a) He shall be the Chairman of all the Executive Committee and General Body meetings of the Association.
  3. b) He has to conduct Meetings.
  4. c) He shall guide and control the activities of the Association.
  5. d) He shall have casting vote in case of equality of votes in the Executive Committee and General Body Meetings.
  6. B) Honorary Secretary& Treasurer
  7. a) He shall be in-charge of the office and Record.
  8. b) He shall conduct all correspondence.
  9. c) He shall have General Supervision over accounts; pass all bills for payments as directed by Executive Committee and to sign cheques along with President.
  10. d) He shall arrange meetings, lectures and discussions.
  11. e) He shall maintain a correct and up-to-date Full Workshop Program of all members of the association.
  12. f) He shall prepare Annual Report to be presented to Annual General Meeting after approval from Executive Committee.
  13. g) He shall receive all money of the Association and shall deposit them in a Nationalized Bank approved by Executive Committee to the Credit of Association.
  14. h) He shall be responsible for collection of subscription from all the members of the Association.
  15. i) He shall be responsible for keeping up to date the accounts of the Association.
  16. j) He shall get all the accounts audited by Auditor appointed by the Executive Committee.
  17. k) He shall prepare the Annual Statement of the Accounts and Balance Sheet showing the financial position of the Association and put it before the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  18. l) He shall present the names of applicants as new members first in the EC meeting and after its approval shall present the list in GBM for ratification.
  19. m) Audited accounts of previous financial year should be distributed to all.
  20. c) VICE -PRESIDENT He will be deputized for the President on all occasions when President is absent. If the President ceases to hold the office during his term due to whatever reason He shall work as a president for the remaining term.
  21. d) PRESIDENT-ELECT President Elect will hold office for one year as a member of Executive Committee and become President for next year.

17. General Meetings:

  1. a) Executive Committee shall call and convene every year, a meeting called Annual General Meeting of the members of the Association preferably to be held during annual conference of the association.
  2. b) Written Notice of Annual General Meeting must be given to reach the members not less than one month before the date of Annual General Meeting to every member of the association by surface mail (post or courier ) / email / sms / published on MOA website.
  3. c) Members may call for extra ordinary General Meeting by giving requisition notice to the President of the association, such notice must be signed at least by 1/5 members from and out of total members of the Association, who will convene the same within 2 months from receipt of the requisition notice. .
  4. d) If the President fails to call such meeting within two months of receiving such notice then the members themselves shall call the meeting of the Association or request the Secretary to do so.
  5. e) Any proposal for the amendment to Memorandum and Articles of Association shall be submitted to Honorary Secretary at least 2 months before the Annual General Meeting. Honorary Secretary shall forward a copy of the same to Executive Committee. A copy of proposed amendment and the recommendation of the Executive Committee shall be forwarded to reach every member of Association at least 15 days before the Annual General Meeting. The Honorary Secretary shall present at the Annual General Meeting the opinions on the proposals communicated to him in writing, by the members.
  6. f) If there is amendment to the Memorandum and articles of Association then it must be stated in the notice of the meeting and such amendment can be effected only by Majority of the members in the meeting.

18. Business at the General body Meeting

  1. Following business is to be transacted at General Meeting:
  2. a) To approve minutes of the last meeting.
  3. b) To approve Annual Report, Annual Audited Accounts.
  4. c) To appoint Auditor for next year and fix his remuneration.
  5. d) To approve amendments to memorandum and articles of association.
  6. e) To give prior permission to sale of any property of the Association.
  7. f) To discuss objects and working results of the Association.
  8. g) To ratify the induction of new members recommended by executive committee.
  9. h) To declare the results of the election to EC and administer the Oath.
  10. i) To discuss any other business with the permission of the Chairman.

19. Association’s fund and investments:

Funds can be invested according to the restrictions of Bombay Public Trust Act.,1950.

20. Chairman for the meetings:

President of the Association shall be Chairman for all the Meetings of the Association unless otherwise decided by the meeting. In absence of President, Vice President shall be the Chairman of the Meeting, if both are absent then the members of the meeting will appoint Chairman for that meeting.

21. Quorum for Meeting:

Quorum for annual general meeting shall be 10% of total strength of the association. Quorum for all other meetings should be 1/3 rd of the body of that meeting. If Quorum is not present at the meeting at the appointed time then the meeting will be adjourned for half an hour.

If the quorum is not present after half an hour then the members present shall form the quorum.

22. Dissolution of the Association:

Association can be dissolved in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Societies Act,1860. U/s 13,14.

23. Extra Ordinary General Meeting:

  1. a) Can be called when Executive Committee is of the opinion to call extra ordinary general meeting for urgent decisions to be obtained from general body of members, whenever required.
  2. b) Adraft notice of the meeting stating business to be transacted must be approved by the Executive Committee in their meeting.
  3. c) Members may call extra ordinary general meeting in accordance with the provisions clause (17) sub-clauses (c) & (d) of this Articles of Association.
  4. d) Such notice must be sent to all members to reach atleast 15 days before the meeting, by surface mail stating business to be transacted in the meeting together with explanatory statement to be attached wherever necessary.
  5. e) Only the subject matter for which the extra ordinary general body meeting is called will be discussed and no other business shall be transacted in such meeting unless the same shall be incidental.

24. Requisition for Executive Meeting

  1. a) Executive Committee members may call meeting by giving notice to President of the Association. Such notice must be signed by at least 5(five) members of Executive Committee.
  2. b) If President fails to call such meeting within one month of receiving such notice, then the Executive Committee members themselves shall call the meeting of the Executive Committee.
  3. c) In this meeting only that business will be transacted for which this meeting is called for.

25. Funds of Association, Income & Its Utilisation:

  1. A) Funds of Association, Income Consists Of:
  2. a) Subscription from members.
  3. b) Donations from members & patrons of Association.
  4. c) Government Grants for activities of Association.
  5. d) Interest and dividends received on investment by Association.
  6. e) Web site advertisement
  7. f) Donations from Pharma Company
  8. B) Income of the Association is to be utilized for the objects of the Association with the approval of Executive Committee.

26. Purchase and or Sale of Immovable Properties:

  1. a) Purchase of immovable property can be effected with prior approval of members in the General body Meeting.
  2. b) Sale of immovable property can be effected only after prior approval from General body and Charity Commissioner on the terms and conditions imposed by him.

27. Bank Account:

Bank Accounts of the Association can be opened with Nationalized Banks only. It is to be operated by President and Hon. Secretary Cum-Treasurer only. But in case of any extraordinary or genuine difficulties and if the President and Hon. Secretary Cum-Treasurer does not have any written objection and if the Executive Committee approves, such bank Account can be managed by Hon. Secretary Cum-Treasurer along with any member of executive Committee as Co-Signatory.

28. Change in the name of Association and change in objects of Association:

These can be done in accordance with the provisions of clause (1) and its sub clauses of Articles of Association. In such contingencies provisions of Societies Registration Act 1860 U/S 12 or12-A shall be applied.

29. Vacancy to the Executive Committee:

Vacancy caused by any reason including resignation, death or otherwise shall be filled in the meeting of Executive Committee by passing necessary resolution by simple majority in the executive committee meeting for the remaining period till the next elections; however such Co-Option can not be made during the remaining period of last 6 months of Executive Committee.

30. List of Members:

A list of members shall be maintained by Honorary Secretary of the Association. Any additions and deletions are to be approved by the Executive Committee in their meeting and these additions and deletion are to be incorporated in the list of members and are to be signed by the President or Secretary of the Association.

31. Change in Rules and Regulations:

If any change in the rules and regulations is proposed by members or body it can be approved in General Meeting by at least 2/3rd majority of the members present.

32. Power to remove difficulties:

a) If any difficulty or any doubt arises in giving effect to Rule and / or regulation to meet or resolve situation, the Executive Body is hereby empowered and authorized to resolve such day to day difficulty (and / or supplement such omission) and the decision of the Executive Committee on such day to day issue shall be binding on the Association, however if such difficulty or doubt is regarding any policy decision and if it is affecting interest of the Association, and such decision if it involves interest of any exe member/any member in person, then such decision of the Executive Committee shall be verified/confirmed by the GB.

33. Affiliations Of The District / Regional Assiciations:

Prescribed form has to be signed by office bearers of district/region. The Executive Committee will decide the Affiliation, which will be confirmed by the GBM.

34. Conference ( MOACON Annual conference of the MOA):

Annual conference shall be held by an affiliated district only.

The applications will be invited 2 years in advance.

The venue shall be approved by executive committee first and then by AGM. MOACON shall be held in the state of MAHARASHTRA only.

A Memorandum of Understanding, Bipartite or (Tripartite if an event manager is appointed, at the time of signing the MOU,) shall be signed by the president district holding the conference and organizing secretary and event manager (if any) with president and secretary of MOA as per the format decided by executive committee.

A Regional conference shall be held in the particular region as and when it is feasible, every year by the member district association.